Verax offers a range of services.

We pride ourselves on understanding the challenges and requirements of our customers, and delivering solutions that engender both trust in Verax and peace of mind. We aim to achieve this by delivering on our promises – every time. Where scope sits outside of our capability we will respectfully decline from engaging with the opportunity.

Our most important asset is a reputation founded on integrity. This will never be compromised – whatever the circumstances.

Preventative maintenance labour solutions

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is a key activity within all Integrated Circuit (IC) device manufacturing facilities. It aims to ensure that productivity is maintained at optimum level, and typically involves equipment clean down and parts replacement. Tasks carried out during PM are consistent. It is therefore critical that a quality-focused approach is adopted and that all operatives are diligent when carrying out this work. Verax understands the critical importance of PM. In addition, we understand the skills and behaviours that must be adopted by operatives every day to ensure optimal performance. We can offer the ideal solution for IC manufacturers seeking third party support in this area to include resourcing, technical over-sight and reporting.

Project labour solutions

The cyclical characteristics of the semiconductor industry create significant workforce stability challenges for device and equipment manufacturers. This is offset by making use of third party contractors. The Verax team has extensive experience of responding to these requirements. We offer a fully integrated solution to find, secure, manage and report on the people that our customers require to fill project services roles. Our resourcing capabilities extend from entry level to field service engineer competencies.

Turnkey equipment installation & decommissioning

Capability upgrades and capacity changes create the requirement to move equipment. Verax personnel have extensive experience of managing this activity in support of equipment manufacturers, or on behalf of the fab owners. We pride ourselves on being safe, responsive and productive, engaging specialist capability with verified prior experience to our projects to ensure that our contribution fully satisfies our customer’s requirements.

Recycling & sale of used equipment & parts

Verax has an extensive network of contacts operating within fab, equipment manufacturing and brokering environments through which to facilitate equipment and parts recycling. We are very well placed to aid our customers to access and procure used equipment and parts from around the world. We have immediate access to an extensive range of used equipment and parts from most of the leading tool manufacturers.

European region sales representation

Establishment and operation of regional sales capacity can be challenging. Recruiting resource, establishing a base and securing contacts within the industry is time consuming, risky and often expensive. Verax offers a regional sales representation in the EU that provides immediate access to a wide array of customers. Our experienced personnel are well equipped to stimulate demand and support equipment manufacturers to deliver value creating solutions to new and existing customers throughout the EU.

Semiconductor Industry Technical Recruitment Services

In response to the challenge of addressing the technical personnel resourcing anticipated as the industry works to increase capacity, Verax has developed a specialist technical resource e.g. field service engineer, recruitment service to support talent acquisition ambitions of our customers throughout the world.  Given our spread of activity, we are uniquely placed among recruiters to leverage key industry networks and contacts to fulfil this requirement.